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high school
wrong all along is the second novel
in the
spin the bottle series. it follows really
good friends
and is about jill, hilton, lorylyn,
hillary, dirk, bennett, and todd's sophomore
year in high school!
about the book

Freshman year is over. Summer is here. Jill and
Hillary aren't fighting anymore, Lorylyn is back with
Brady and happier than ever, and Jill has her new
best friends Hilton and Todd too - Hilton, whom she
endlessly admires and wants to be more like, and
Todd, with whom she's crazily in love. After a
somewhat rollercoaster year, things are looking
pretty great. And on the last day of school, Hilton
tells Jill an outrageous, stunning secret about her
relationship with Reed, then at Landon's party that
night, Jill gets to kiss Todd in spin the bottle. And just
like that, the tone for the summer is set.

Sunny days on a sparkling blue lake...an overnight
stay in a hotel with the boys...trips to Cedar Point,
the Bahamas, and California...the thrill of romance
in the air...sneaking out late at night...one girl's "first
time"...wild nights at Landon's. The lingering high off
all of it. Giggling, excitement, stories, inside jokes.
Anticipation of what's to come. For Jill, Hilton,
Lorylyn, and Hillary, it's their dream summer.
Everything is picture-perfect; nothing can go

But for some of the girls, what's to come is nothing
they would have wanted to anticipate. For things
haven't been as perfect as they've seemed. It's
just that the girls have ignored the signs. Signs they
could have seen all along, had they been willing to
look. But desperate to believe in the glimmering
illusions of summer, they close their eyes to what
they don't want to see, what they don't want to
believe. To the ominous gut instinct that everything
is just a little
too perfect, a little too good to be
true. To the foreboding premonition that it won't
last, that control is somehow slipping away.
Because everything that seems too good to be
true...probably is.
spin the bottle (the poem)
part 2

summers of sun, cedar point
laying out, more parties at the lake
best friends with the boys of their dreams
charming boys who said all the right things

i had that gut instinct all along
told me it was all too good to last
but i ignored it and
fell harder and harder instead...

       (to be continued...)
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